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Burger King Toys

In May 2009, some of the most anticipated Burger King Toys were released as part of the Star Trek promotion by the legendary eatery.In all, sixteen were included..Vehicles made up six (USS Lelvin, Spock’s Ship Jellyfish, the Warbird, the Hoover Bike, the Shuttle, and the iconic USS Enterprise.The other two were “Trektech” complete with sound effects (the communicator and the tricorder).Stickers were included with the tricorder and vehicles so that they could be decorated. A booklet also came with each play food toy, as well as a checklist.Beginning that month, a Star Trek toy was included in every meal. Four were offered each week during the four week offer. The other eight were the caricatures of the movie characters, each with over-sized heads. The Burger Kings Toys items; however; were well received by film enthusiasts for their incredible likeness to the TV and feature film persons. The people included Captain Kirk, Uhura, Chekov, Scotty, Spock, Original Spock, McCoy and Sulu.


Many of you may remember a similar set of similar Burger King Toys being released in 2005.These newer ones are considered better, not only because of the resemblances to the actual characters, but because each includes catch phrase sound effects.

BK went all out with the them and ventured out in exclusive ways. For example, the company designed a special meal that included futuristic chicken tenders.It is evident the restaurant placed a lot of thought into the campaign, in its competitive attempt to outdo any McDonalds Happy Meal Toy campaign.

You can find many of the Burger King toys online on many of the specialized websites that have action figures for sale and on online auctions sites. As a reminder, make sure that that each Star Trek play food toy you buy is in its original packaging if you want to maximize it’s value. The collectible value of an item is greatly reduced if it is what is considered “loose.” Make sure you read the fine print on any website. If you are unsure if the item is in its original packaging, contact the seller.

Move over Burger King Spongebob, Darth Vader toys, and every other Star War toy, there is a new sheriff in town.

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Burger King Toys

What is it about those fast foods toys that attract so many hobbyists? Your kids bring home Burger King toys, and then you find yourself playing with them. You are disappointed, just as your son or daughter is, when they don’t get the one they wanted to complete their collection. Then just when they have them all, it seems another set is just around the corner. While you are trying to collect Burger King coupons, they are busy trying to collect toys.

An online search reveals hundreds of websites with people talking about, looking for, or selling all kinds of small play things given away for free with kids’ meals. Burger King toys are mass produced inexpensively, but command top dollar from hobby enthusiasts.

Credit should be given to the excellent marketing campaigns that surround the endless launching of the items.


The Burger King Spongebob play food toy campaign, complete with its own commercials, took advantage of the cartoon character’s popularity to sell meals to thousands upon thousands of kids.

Though there are many different ones included, figurines such as the darth vader toys are the most popular. Some sell for as much as $30 or more.

In addition to Burger King toys, many of you already know that Mickey D’s sells the largest share of fast food toys. But did you know that makes them one of the largest small promotional item manufacturers in the world? You can easily see how the road-map to childrens’ dining dollars leads through toyville.

A search under “Burger Kings Toys” or “McDonalds happy meal Toy,” will reveal many, some that you may have not even known existed.

So whether it’s that zoom zoom car you have been looking for for your son, or that special star war toy you have been looking for for yourself, chances are you will find it on line. For every person looking for a fast food toy for their collection, most certainly there is one trying to sell one. Good Luck finding Burger King toys! yzr9nbpvki